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Veterans Rights Network Endorses 'Gathering of Eagles'

For Immediate Release!

February 24, 2007

All Stations,

This media release is to confirm our support and participation with the “Gathering of Eagles’ event scheduled for March 17th in Washington, DC.

The FIREBASE NETWORK Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse GOE and their Mission Statement.

In addition, we are encouraging all FBN stations and supporters to embrace the GOE mission and attend the event in DC. It is time WE stood up for what WE believe in. We simply must protect the memory and honor of our dead. And we simply cannot allow our men and women returning home to suffer degradation, humiliation and scorn such our Vietnam brothers and sisters have, and still experience. It is extremely important at this time in our history that we repel all attacks on the morale of our brave men and women in uniform. To do anything less, may be very detrimental to future enlistments, retention, and our overall national security.

On behalf of the FIREBASE NETWORK, we Salute Col. Harry Riley on his innovative Leadership, and wish him great success with the GOE Mission.

National Director,


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